Facing the Future audit 2017

We commit to auditing our standards so we can build a comprehensive picture of paediatric provision across the four nations. This audit report covers Facing the Future: Standards for acute general paediatric services and Facing the Future: Together for child health.
Doctor examining a small child with his parent

Both standards lay out what is needed to deliver high quality, safe and sustainable services. 

Results from the audit highlight gaps within paediatric rotas, with not enough consultants present within the hospital during times of self-identified peak activity.

Auditing the Together for child health standards show poor links between primary care and the hospital child health service. 

This audit has benefited from involvement with the RCPCH &Us Young Inspectors programme. Children have the right to be involved in decisions about their care. Find out more about these rights on Facing the Future Superhero.

We welcome conversations with members, organisations and service planners on the results of the audit. Please get in touch facingthefuture@rcpch.ac.uk.