General paediatrics (specialty training level)

A general paediatrician is a doctor with the knowledge and skills to manage a wide range of health problems and concerns in children and young people.

Read about this clinical area and download the syllabi for specialty training level (general paediatrics and generic).

Introduction to general paediatrics

General paediatricians manage children from birth to late adolescence with problems ranging from acute, life-threatening illnesses to chronic diseases, and focus on health promotion from newborn to late adolescence.

General paediatricians are experts in the investigation and diagnosis of children with non-specific symptoms and signs. They initiate treatment which may be delivered and continued by themselves or by another person or team according to the needs of the child. General paediatricians also collaborate with other professionals and agencies in order to deliver optimal care. They step in and oversee individual, tailored care whenever appropriate.

As a result, general paediatricians develop a wide variety of skills allowing them to provide holistic, child-centred care across the full range of paediatric subspecialties. They may develop significant expertise in specialised paediatric areas, but they maintain their knowledge and skills across the full breadth of child health.

Some consultant general paediatricians share views in our short video

I love the variety. I love all the interactions with the multdisciplinary team. I love to be able to see a whole range of patients...

Training in general paediatrics

In summer 2023, we launched RCPCH Progress+, our updated, two-level paediatric training programme in the UK.

Paediatricians start in core training, and then move on to specialty training where some choose to continue training in general paediatrics.

The Progress+ curriculum provides a framework for paediatric training, and outlines the Learning Outcomes and Key Capabilities required at each stage before attaining the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

The RCPCH Progress+ syllabi support the curriculum with further guidance on how the Learning Outcomes can be achieved and demonstrated. You can download the Progress+ syllabi for specialty training level (general paediatrics and generic) below. 

Trainees due to CCT by September 2024 continue to use the Progress curriculum and syllabi; you can also download the the Progress syllabi below.