Integrated care explained - videos by topic experts on different aspects

The NHS Long Term Plan and other NHS England policy documents have emphasised the importance of integrated care to the future of the health service. But what is integrated care and how can it benefit children, young people and their workforce? In these videos three topic experts outline different aspects of integrated care related to paediatrics, the workforce and community child health.

The NHS Policy Landscape, Vice President for Policy Dr Simon Clark

The NHS is never far from the headlines – but how does it actually work? RCPCH Vice President for Policy Dr Simon Clark describes the structure of NHS England and the policy shifts of the last five years, including the move towards integrated models of care. Integration is appraised, applied to child health and related to barriers within the health service.

The NHS Workforce, Officer for Workforce Dr Nicola Jay

RCPCH Officer for Workforce Dr Nicola Jay outlines the shape of the paediatric workforce in the UK and looks to the future, as an uncertain political environment impacts the front line of the health service. Alternative workforce models that draw on different specialities and professions to deliver a more integrated service are considered as a way of delivering better care for patients.

Community Paediatrics, Chair of the British Association of Community Child Health (BACCH)

What is community paediatrics and how is it relevant to integrated care? Dr Lisa Kauffmann, Chair of the British Association of Community Child Health (BACCH) outlines the role of community paediatricians and explains why their work with agencies across child health is crucial to delivering integrated care.

All presentations were delivered as part of an event held at the RCPCH on 27 November 2019: 'Influencing the NHS: Advocating for children, young people and child health professionals'. The day focused on NHSE policy, engagement with children and young people and principles of local advocacy. RCPCH Ambassadors, the College's flagship local advocacy network, was also launched on the day.

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