National Paediatric Diabetes Audit - data submission

We are now accepting data for the 2020-21 audit year. Download the current dataset, templates for submitting data via CSV and questionnaire and our user guide.

Submitting your data

COVID-19 Under guidance from HQIP, national clinical audit data collection is under suspension. Until the suspension is lifted, there is no longer an obligation for paediatric diabetes units to submit data to the NPDA.

However, over 95% of services submitted a dataset for the first audit year to be affected by COVID-19 (2019-20), and many are still equipped to enter data for the current 2020-21 audit year. Therefore, following discussion with the NPDA Project Board and Dataset and Methodology group, the data capture system is remaining online.

Entering data collected from virtual/telephone clinics for the 2020-21 audit period 

The NPDA recognises that it will be months before services are able to perform health checks and record measurements for entry into the audit as normal; however, there will be value in quantifying the impact of the suspension of usual care on local, regional and national HbA1c, and we will still be able to report prevalence and incidence of diabetes.

Items such as patient height, weight and blood pressure require a clinic visit to be captured reliably, so while these may be recorded remotely for your own records and to support patient care, we request that only hospital validated data is submitted to the NPDA. Calculated HbA1c from downloads should also only be used for clinical management locally and not submitted to the audit as they will not be IFCC assured.

In most cases, PDUs are credited for health checks recorded in the NPDA if they have been provided (and results recorded) once within the audit year, so there should be time to complete them within the 2020-21 audit year once the acute phase of COVID-19 has passed. The metric most affected by the pandemic for 2020-21 will be the percentage of CYP with 4 or more recorded HbA1cs within the audit year, which will be explained within eventual reporting.  Furthermore, it may be difficult to get all retinopathy screening performed within the audit year.
Items within the dataset that can still be collected during virtual clinics:

  • Item 39 regarding smoking status
  • Item 43 regarding the date of an additional appointment with a dietitian - only if this took place via video call (not telephone) as it requires face to face, and
  • Item 44 regarding blood ketone testing

Submission periods

Data can now be added continuously throughout each audit year. Units will typically have up to two months following the end of each audit year to finalise their submissions for that year. Please see the table below for full details of our audit years and data submission periods:

Audit year Year start Year end Final date for data submission
2020-21 1 April 2020 31 March 2021 TBC
2019-20 1 April 2019 31 March 2020 Closed - 25 June 2020

We ask that units submit data from all patient visits during the audit year. Data relating to all children and young people with all types of diabetes under the care of a paediatrician within a paediatric diabetes unit should be included. Summary results are presented within the data completeness report (DCR) generated upon each submission.

For data submission, you will need to use our online data capture system. If you used this last year, you can use the same login details. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this on the login page. Please see below for a list of downloadable submission resources and user guides.

    National Data Opt Out process 

    From 31 March 2021 all healthcare providers in England need to comply with the National Data Opt Out. Patient data entered into the NPDA is subject to the National Data Opt Out process. Each patient’s NHS number must be screened against the national opt out list at NHS Digital prior to any of their data being entered on the NPDA data capture system. Please check with your Trust's Information Governance team for the local arrangements by which the screen should take place.

    Go to data capture system

    Submission resources

    We now have our "How to" webinar available on core audit data submission:

    The latest user guides and troubleshooting tips for our online data capture system can also be downloaded below.

    Also available is the core NPDA dataset collected since 1 April 2017 and corresponding CSV submission template; this replaces the dataset in use since 2012-13. It was revised following publication of new guidance issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NG18) in 2015. The majority of data items remain unchanged, with a number of new items and some items having been amended in light of the new guidance (all can be downloaded below). This was further amended on 15 February 2019 to improve clarity for data items 28 and 41.

    GP practice codes

    GP practice codes are updated quarterly by NHS Digital. The most up to date version of the GP practice codes can be found on their page, GP and GP practice related data.

    Which centres are eligible to participate?

    All paediatric diabetes units in England and Wales.

    Poster to inform patients and families

    Please download, print and display the NPDA clinic poster in your unit. This publicises the audit to children and young people using your service and their families, so they know how their data is being used.


    Please contact the NPDA team: