Question writing toolkit for MRCPCH exam questions and scenario generation - online learning

Our online tutorial and other resources assist the clinicians who write and review MRCPCH questions and scenarios.

Our tutorial takes 1-2 hours and covers how to write good and effective questions for the three theory examinations of the MRCPCH. It is mandatory for those attending a Question Setting Group (QSG).

It is divided into useful sections and gives you step by step instructions. You can navigate to any area, or find resources with the menu. It has links to the current syllabus, laboratory reference ranges, correct syndrome spellings, and house style notes for question writing.

We recommend that you read all the sections, which each has notes and interactive exercises. 

The tutorial is developed by Dr Rob Primhak and the RCPCH Quality and Standards team, and replaces the booklet, How to Write Questions.

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The below materials can help you with question and scenario setting and generation.