RCPCH Progress+ - good practice around UK

Trusts, deaneries and teams around the country are preparing for RCPCH Progress+, a step up for our curriculum in response to 'Shape of training' due for launch in 2023. We recommend five good practice areas, and these maps show which College regions are starting to embed these.
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18 October 2022


RCPCH Progress+ will introduce an updated curriculum for paediatric training. It also challenges traditional ways of managing training and service delivery.

While this may at first seem daunting, we know that positive changes are already happening and being embedded into everyday practice - be that across an entire College region or in particular schools or hospitals.

As the RCPCH Quality & Standards team, we're speaking with schools and deaneries about the upcoming changes with RCPCH Progress+, which will be launch in autumn 2023. We know that some areas may be presenting anxiety.

So we have identified five key practice areas, based on our discussions with schools and on the recommendations in our guide, Paediatrician of the Future, published in autumn 2020.

The below five maps show which College regions are delivering on each key practice area - whether across the region or in pockets within. We'll be updating these on a monthly basis as we continue to speak with Heads of Schools and other stakeholders. Take a look and see if your region is starting to meet these key practice areas. 

If you have any questions - or can let us know if your region is indeed making positive changes to prepare for RCPCH Progress+ - get in touch with us on progress-plus@rcpch.ac.uk. Or, contact your Head of School.

1. Trainee steps up to registrar, or middle grade, rotas earlier than expected


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We asked the paediatric community on Twitter to share their tips to trainees stepping up this this role - see their responses.

2. Educational supervisors remain with the trainee for longer than six months


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3. Trainees are completing training more quickly


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4. Placements are managed creatively


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5. Training time is prioritised over service requirements


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If you have any questions, or if you'd like us to recognise that your region is meeting one or more good practice areas, get in touch with us on progress-plus@rcpch.ac.uk. You can also speak with your Head of School.