Retaining the paediatric workforce today and tomorrow - recording from members' live Q&A

As part of its ongoing careers work, the RCPCH launches its 2020 #ChoosePaediatrics campaign with the focus on retention and looking at how we retain the paediatric workforce today and tomorrow.

Host Daniel Waeland, Director of Education & Training is joined by Camilla Kingdon, Vice President for Education & Professional Development, Simon Broughton, Officer for Recruitment and Hannah Jacob, Chair of the Trainees Committee.

Watch as the panel outlines the work that the College has already undertaken in this area, including a brand new blog from Camilla and Hannah and a refreshed Survive and thrive area of the website.

The panel also shares some of the College's exciting plans such as the announcement of our new Officer for Retention, Dr Dal Hothi.

 Our presenters also took questions from members, and topics raised included:

  • Shape of Training and how this will support and improve flexibility in training
  • How we can learn from what other specialties do especially around educational supervision, ensuring they have the time to perform in the role and in turn provide better to support to trainees
  • Some of the reasons why people choose to leave paediatrics and what we can all do to prevent this from happening and enact changes locally
  • What the College is going to do to help address issues such as rota gaps, including increased support for the wider workforce and the vital role that ACP’s, PA’s, Nurse Practitioners, SAS and Locally Employed Doctors play given that many are international medical graduates
  • The vastly improved fill rates for paediatrics in 2020
  • How we can improve the trainee experience throughout training