State of Child Health

In 2017 we put together the first snapshot of infant, children and young people’s health across the UK. Our report covers physical and mental health and some of the main determinants of health, showing where our children are doing well but also where we must improve and how we can achieve this.

Child health in 2030 in England

Our October 2018 State of Child Health short report uses long-term historical data to project outcomes for children and young people's health in 2030.

Child health in 2030 in England: comparisons with other wealthy countries

Young people at a laptop

Their voices are covered in our special report, which looks at poverty, mental health, communication, PSHE (personal, social and health education), LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) and children’s rights.

We have carried out a census of paediatricians and child health services every two years since 1999. This report is primarily based on 2015 census, with additional data from the Office of National Statistics and our trainee recruitment processes, with recommended actions to improve the workforce.
The NHS and local councils proposed STPs to meet people's health needs in England. Our analysis reveals problems: they don't recognise a life-course approach, the needs of infants, children and young people nor enough engagement between clinicians and the public.
Community child health (CCH), the largest paediatric sub-specialty, focuses on the care of vulnerable children and families, children with long-term conditions and child public health. Co-authored with British Association for Community Child Health (BACCH), our toolkit is about designing modern, efficient CCH services.