Tax relief on examinations

You may be able to claim tax relief in the United Kingdom on fees for the MRCPCH and Diploma of Child Health (DCH) examinations since 2010.

In order to claim tax relief on examination fees you will need to send a letter and evidence to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). It can take up to one month to process evidence.

If you are unable to get proof of payment from another source, contact us:

You may wish to use our template letter to HMRC, which includes details of the addresses to which claims should be sent - you can download below. You can also refer to HMRC notices EIM32530 and EIM32546 about the conditions which need to be met for a successful claim.

Please note that claims for tax relief can be made for up to four years back. Responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided to HMRC rests with the individual claimant. If you believe that you are entitled to claim a tax deduction for these expenses, please seek advice from your own personal tax adviser.

Disclaimer: The College cannot advise you about your personal tax affairs, nor can we provide you with advice or assistance in making claims for tax relief on fees or subscriptions which you have paid, nor are we able to enter into any communication on an individual basis with you on this subject.