MRCPCH Clinical Exam Face-to-Face - guidance hub

This is a hub for all updates, FAQs, candidate resources and revised documents related to the MRCPCH Clinical exam delivered face-to-face with patients in Short Clinical stations (and scenarios in the Development station). It is for both UK and overseas candidates.
Last modified
28 May 2024

Face-to-face exams with patients

From 1 January 2023, all UK and Overseas exam centres will be running face-to-face exams with patients in the four short clinical stations, a scenario based development station, and history, communication and video remaining the same.  

Webinars and online resources

  • Development MOCK station video - this is a video recorded in MS Teams that shows what the  Development station is like with a scenario rather than a patient.  It was recorded in April 2021.

Additionally, the College has a Get Ready Exams webpage that brings together the various resources from around the College that can help candidates prepare for their exams.

Frequently asked questions

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Number of attempts for the MRCPCH Clinical exam

Since July 2014, each UK candidate is allowed up to 6 attempts at each part of the MRCPCH. With effect from 1 September 2024, this has been extended to cover all candidates, both candidates outside of the paediatric training programme in the UK as well as candidates based internationally, making an attempt at an MRCPCH examination. See our update for further information.

Understanding the face-to-face patient based exam

Preparation resources for face-to-face patient based exam

Candidate resources for face-to-face patient based exam