Specialty Board

The Specialty Board’s purpose is to serve as a communications channel between RCPCH and groups representing paediatric sub-specialties and special interests.

The Specialty Board's aims and responsibilities are to:

  • Receive reports from members on relevant specialty activities
  • Receive reports from RCPCH officers and staff on relevant RCPCH activities
  • Discuss issues of common concern, which may include:
    • Health service configuration and delivery
    • Workforce issues
    • Research and academic work
    • Training in paediatric sub-specialties (though respecting the competence of CSACs, College Specialty Advisory Committees, on this issue)
    • Post-CCT education provision in paediatric sub-specialties, whether by the College or the Specialty Groups
    • Sharing of seminal publications related to specialist areas to support evidence based practice
    • Representation of sub-specialties at RCPCH Conference and other events
    • Any other matters of common concern in the field of Paediatrics specifically remitted to the Specialty Board.

Information and contact details for Specialty Groups and Special Interest Groups can be found on dedicated webpage. 

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the Specialty Board, please contact the Committees team on committees@rcpch.ac.uk.