MRCPCH Clinical exams - update on exam for the 2020.3 diet - June 2020

Unfortunately, the College and our overseas partners have decided that we cannot safely hold the MRCPCH Clinical exams in some overseas countries for the remainder of 2020. It is possible that there may be further postponements or cancellations of MRCPCH clinical exams in 2020.3 over the next few months.

Update - 7 July We now have some more information about the MRCPCH Clinical exams from the 2020.3 diet, available in our frequently asked questions (FAQs) on impact of COVID-19 on exams.

The College and our overseas partners are working hard to come up with solutions in order to safely run MRCPCH Clinical exams both in the UK and overseas in order to restart the running of exams in 2021. We are writing to all affected candidates with more details. Additionally, we will post updates on our progress on this page so please check back regularly for further information.

Should the Hong Kong MRCPCH Clinical exam go ahead as planned, the usual restrictions for applicants will remain in place.

Any MRCPCH Clinical exams that do run in 2020.3 will be subject to restrictions and only those currently residing in the exam country will be able to sit the exam.

To ensure the safe running of the exam, we are taking the time to ensure that we have robust procedures in place. Because of the time this is taking to implement, we have moved the 2020.3 UK MRCPCH Clinical exam back by one month to run 19 November to 29 November 2020. The application window has also changed to run from 3 August to 16 August 2020. 

Please be mindful that once MRCPCH Clinical exams resume, both in the UK and overseas, there may still be restrictions on travel and/or quarantine requirements. Additionally, it is possible that exams that run in 2021 will be restricted to candidates residing in the country where the exam is held.

You can see the exam dates and application windows on our page, MRCPCH Clinical - how to apply.

Further updates on exams

We have pulled together some frequently asked questions (FAQs), accessible from the Examinations landing page, which we'll regularly review and update as necessary.

You can read updates on MRCPCH theory exams on our news page, Update on theory exams for the 2020.3 diet.

For the latest updates, see see our Examinations page.