New assessments table for paediatric training 2022-23 is published

There have been a few updates since this was amended two years ago. The ARCP derogations will also remain in place until next September. Dr Cathryn Chadwick, our Vice President for Training and Assessment, provides this statement.
Close up of doctor using tablet computer

The minimum assessment table for the 2022/23 training year has not changed much from the assessment table amended for COVID, which has been in use for the last two years. The table now contains a small number of DOCs (Discussion of Correspondence) at Level 2 and 3 and a requirement for an annual MSF (Multi Source Feedback).

This should now segue nicely into the assessment table for Progress+ which will come into use from August / September 2023.

The four nations and General Medical Council (GMC) have published a statement with regard to the COVID ARCP (annual review of competency progression) derogations which will remain in place until September 2023. There may be a small number of trainees who will still need an outcome 10 and the extension of the derogations will allow this. However, we expect relatively few paediatric trainees to be impacted especially as the introduction of Progress+ comes with continuation of the revised exam timeline.

View the new assessments table