Update to your ePortfolio - Files area replaces the Document library

As of today, risr/advance (the software that powers RCPCH ePortfolio), is rolling out a new Files area. Available in the main menu, Files replaces the Document library and displays a searchable listing of all files linked to your events.
Young woman doctor with stethoscope working on computer

Key features of the new Files area

  • This displays all your files on your ePortfolio, ordered by upload date.
  • You will see the file name, which includes the folder path from the previous Document library.
  • You can use the search bar to quickly find your files.
  • You can view or download your files.
  • There is no storage limit for files.

For full details see ePortfolio guidance for doctors and go to the section, 'Adding documents and access to Files area'.

Update, 2 July, 12:50 - We know that some users cannot yet see their recently uploaded files. risr has assured us that all files will soon be available. If you cannot see these files now, please do check later today.