How to get growth charts and data, and terms and conditions of use

Information on how to access copies of UK-WHO growth charts.

How to access charts and data

RCPCH does not provide copies of the UK-WHO growth charts, only the free low-resolution downloads available on this website.

You can ordered high resolution paper copies through Harlow Printing Ltd: / 0191 455 4286 or through the Harlow Printing website.

Terms and conditions of use

  • The charts must not be used for the purposes of advertising or promoting other products
  • RCPCH / WHO / Department of Health must be acknowledged as chart developers in any publication or products
  • 0-4 charts are copyright © 2009 Department of Health, which must be reproduced on all copies
  • School age charts are copyright © 2012/13 Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, which must be reproduced on all copies
  • Users may not claim any IP rights over the materials or seek to restrict use of them by others
  • Anyone wishing to print the charts for commercial reasons should first contact RCPCH to discuss obtaining the relevant permissions
  • Any version printed for sale must adhere to the printing specification
  • Charts must be reproduced in whole without cropping or altering in any way
  • Chart images (for inclusion in articles etc.) may be cropped but should not otherwise be altered any should carry the notice 'Reproduced with permission of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health'.