UK-WHO growth charts - neonatal and infant close monitoring (NICM)

This chart is designed for plotting very preterm infants and those with significant early health problems such as weight faltering form 23 weeks gestation to 2 years corrected age. It was formerly called the Low Birth Weight chart.

These and all growth charts are based on WHO Child Growth Standards, which describe the optimal growth for healthy, breastfed children.

This chart features low lines to monitor unusually short or under-weight children and the date box system for gestational correction. This also comes in foldable format for the Parent Child Health Record (PCHR).

Children being plotted on this chart can be transferred at age two to either the 2-18 years chart or the Childhood and Puberty Close Monitoring (CPCM) chart.

Warning: It is possible to misread the head circumference scale on NICM chart in babies with very large head. Please read the warning on misreading of head circumference scale for further clarification. See warning on misplotting file for more information.