Impact of COVID-19 on child health services tool

This is a data collection and reporting tool to support child health services during the COVID-19 pandemic. We ask representatives, such as the paediatric clinical lead, to respond on behalf of their Trust or Health Board on a weekly basis. Questions relate to service capacity, staffing, PPE, testing availability and child health outcomes. The data are reported back regularly to support service planning, and to be used as a tool to influence government and decision makers.

Data collection starts from Friday, 17 April and will continue every Friday for three months (with possible extension depending on the course of the pandemic).

Why are we conducting this project?

Child health services in the UK are having to respond rapidly to the challenge of this pandemic, with no precedence or playbook. There will be large variation in how services are affected, depending on local incidence rates, location, and the systems they are working in.

There is a lack of data about how services are coping, what types of pressures they are under, and how things are changing over time. Information will help services assess their situation and plan next steps.

This project will collect data on a weekly basis to track trends and patterns, highlight service pressures, and help identify pinch points. The results will be available to members to help to plan local services and to be used as an influencing tool with the governments across the UK. 


  1. RCPCH members can use regularly reported data about the pressures and changes in child health services to help them anticipate, plan, and adapt to challenges.
  2. The RCPCH understands the pressures facing child health services during the pandemic and can support struggling areas and use the information to influence decision-makers.
  3. Services will be supported to recover to normal operating post-pandemic using the data.

What information do we collect?

Information about Trusts and Health Boards in the UK will be collected every week, starting from Friday 17 April.

Questions relate to changes in services, staffing capacity and activity due to COVID-19. We also ask users to submit examples of innovative practise in their service in response to the pandemic, or any concerns they would like to raise.

The current full question set can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

How do I submit a response?

We will contact paediatric clinical leads on Wednesday 15 April to invite them to register onto the online data capture platform.

We ask a clinical leader to submit data about the past seven days for their Trust or Health Board every Friday. This may be the paediatric clinical lead in the first instance. But, other people, including administrative staff, can also submit data, and this can change between weeks if necessary; each person will need to register on to the online data capture platform.

We also developed a user guide to help with registration and data submission.

If you would like to submit data for your Trust or Health Board, please get in touch:

How do I see the data?

The data capture system features an interactive dashboard where users can see weekly responses as well as overall national level results. If you are an RCPCH member and would like to register to see the dashboard, please get in touch:

Top level data is being released on this website as it becomes becomes available.