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Healthcare standards for children and young people in secure settings

There are about 1,000 children and young people placed in secure settings at any one time on justice or welfare grounds. This cohort of children often have complex needs that span mental health, neurodevelopmental need, substance misuse, and physical health, which can be hard to reach through tradit...

Epilepsy12 - national organisational audit and clinical audit - 2021

Epilepsy is the commonest significant neurological disorder affecting children and young people. Published in July 2021, these latest results from Epilepsy12 provide insight into the diagnosis and care of children and young people with epilepsy, and the organisation of paediatric epilepsy services i...
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About the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit

The NPDA collects information on the care and diabetes outcomes of all children and young people receiving care from paediatric diabetes teams in England and Wales, and reports an annual core dataset. The sole aim is to provide information that leads to an improved quality of care for those child...