Paediatric sepsis podcasts

Listen to real-world advice and guidance on how to manage paediatric sepsis. Join Dr Emma Lim, Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Sepsis Lead, to discuss all things sepsis together with parents, paediatric specialists and junior doctors in this multi-episode podcast.

Our paediatric sepsis podcasts are free to access, and designed as educational resources for health and social care professionals. They explore what sepsis is, the complexities of how to recognise and manage sepsis, what is different about sepsis in children with complex health conditions and much more.

You can also download learning points for some of the episodes below.

Episode 1 - Let's talk about sepsis

Emma Lim and junior doctor Monica Parker talk about what sepsis actually is, the importance of early diagnosis and why sepsis is so hard to spot in children.

Episode 2 - Bugs and drugs part 1

Paediatric Infectious Disease Consultant Andrew Riordan joins Emma Lim to consider the what, why and when of antibiotic choices, investigation and antibiotic stewardship.

Episode 3 - Bugs and drugs part 2

Consultant and Head of Infection Control Lucia Pareja-Cebrian shares what microbiologists really want to hear and how they can help you, from sepsis epidemiology to antibiotic choices and guidelines.

Episode 4 - The child with complex care needs

Caroline Wild, parent and Karen Horridge Neuro-Disability Paediatrician reveal the difficulties experienced by children with complex care needs and their parents when faced with sepsis and how terrifying, and yet intimate, it can be.

Episode 5 – Penicillin allergy, real or not?

Consultant and Associate Lecturer in Paediatric Immunology and Allergy Dr Louise Michaelis joins Emma Lim to discuss penicillin allergy and sepsis. They explore how common penicillin allergy actually is, cross reactivity, alternative choices and de-labelling.

Episode 6 - Management part 1: care bundles and culture

Consultant paediatrician Dr Sachin Mannikar joins Emma Lim to consider what you can do to save a child’s life when faced with sepsis. They examine what a care bundle looks like, the management choices, the evidence base and the role of simulation training.

Episode 7 - Management part 2: fluids and fear

Professor of Paediatric Intensive Care Mark Peters and Emma Lim talk about fluids and unpick common fears, examining which fluids to use, when, why and how much and the role and choice of inotropes in paediatric sepsis..

Episode 8 - The future of tests in sepsis

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Infectious Diseases Dr Jethro Herberg joins Emma Lim and Monica Parker to explore what’s next for sepsis - and what the future of tests and assessment might look like.

Episode 9 - What sepsis means

Junior doctor Monica Parker and Emma Lim join forces to provide an overview of the key learning and take home messages from the sepsis podcasts series.

Episode 10 - Sepsis guidelines for children and young people

Professor Mark Peters, Consultant at GOSH and Researcher at the Institute of Child Health, joins Emma Lim to discuss the first ever sepsis guidelines (2020) for children and young people. This episode was recorded in August 2020.

Episode 11 - Sepsis recognition and care during the coronavirus pandemic

Emma Lim and Professor Mark Peters link up again to reflect on their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic on paediatric hospital admissions and the effect of the virus on children and young people. They discuss the care needed for patients presenting with both COVID-19 and sepsis, always ensuring staff safety. This episode was recorded in August 2020.