Epilepsy12 Round 3 Methodology and Datasets

Round 3 of the Epilepsy12 audit was delivered between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2022. This page provides details on the methodology and data submission process for Round 3. This methodology extends to Round 4, Cohort 4.
Last modified
21 February 2024


Round 3 of the Epilepsy12 audit was comprised of two main audit domains:

  • Clinical audit - the epilepsy care provided to children and young people with epilepsy
  • Organisational audit (service descriptor) - organisation of paediatric epilepsy services

You can download the full methodology below. This describes each of the domains in detail, sets out the related data collection and reporting timelines and indicates how participating Health Boards and Trusts will be incorporated into the audit and aligned with OPEN UK networks. 

You can also download the datasets for the two audit components: patient registration and clinical audits forms; and organisational audit forms. 

The methodology for Cohort 5 onwards is outlined here. Cohort 6 data is entered on a new platform, which is detailed here

Round 3 Performance Indicators

The key performance indicators reported on in Round 3 can be found in the methodology document below. These have been refreshed for Round 4


The first output from the audit was the National Organisational Audit Report 2018, which examines Trust/Local Health board epilepsy service configuration as of April 2018. 100% of participating Trusts/Local Health Boards submitted data for the report. 

Within Round 3 of Epilepsy12, the first clinical audit report for data collected for patients within Cohort 1 was published in September 2020, and the second national report for Cohort 2 was published in July 2021. The Cohort 3 national report was published in July 2022. Round 4 Cohort 4 was published in July 2023, and followed the Round 3 methodology. 

Further resources from Round 3 can be found on our Resources page. 


The Epilepsy12 project team members are available to respond to any related queries at epilepsy12@rcpch.ac.uk or on Tel: 020 7092 6157.