Specialty training at ST3 and ST4 - application guidance

This information is for doctors applying for paediatric specialty training (ST) at ST3 or ST4 in the UK - known as National Round 2. Applications are now closed and offers are currently being made.

This page gives information on the application process, including the application timeline, eligibility criteria and post numbers; you can download the person specifications, full application guidance and new Certificate to demonstrate Completion of Level 1 Paediatric Training Capabilities for 2020.
Last modified
15 May 2020

National Round 2 dates

Applications for the 2020 Round 2 have now closed and all applicants have been longlisted.

Due to the COVID-10 pandemic, there are no face-to-face interviews for this round. A shortlisting process based on the information provided in the applications has been used to rank and offer posts to commence in August 2020 and offers are currently being made to appointable applicants. The process is being carried out according to the following timelines.

What Date
Preferences close Sunday 10 May 2020
Shortlisting window Monday 20 April to Friday 1 May 2020
Initial offers released Monday 11 May 2020
Hold/upgrade deadline (13:00) Monday 18 May 2020
RLMT to be issued by* tbc
RCoS applications to be issued by* tbc

*For overseas applicants

You can download specific guidance on the new process for this year's recruitment below.

The HEE website has general information on the impact of COVID-19 on national recruitment.


Applicants in the following categories may be considered for appointment in National Round 2:

  • UK or European Economic Area (EEA) national
  • Non-UK or non-EEA national where immigration status allows work without restriction in the UK, for example those holding dependant status with no restriction against working as a doctor or dentist in training
  • Already on Tier 2, applying to continue training with the same sponsor and/or the same training number
  • Applying for a specialty in a shortage occupation
  • Non-UK or non-EEA national who currently has Tier 4 status to complete a Masters or PhD - applicants must have completed their Masters or completed 1 year of their PhD to be exempt from the RLMT (resident labour market test)
  • Already on Tier 2 and applying for a different specialty and changing sponsor - applicants in this category will require Tier 2 sponsorship and will be subject to the RLMT
  • Non-UK or non-EEA national who has limited leave to remain in the UK, who does not fall into one of the above categories - applicants in this category will require Tier 2 sponsorship and will be subject to the RLMT
  • Non-UK or non-EEA national who does not currently hold a UK visa status - applicants in this category will require Tier 2 sponsorship and will be subject to the RLMT

All training programmes are equally open to those who may, either from the outset or subsequently, wish to train flexibly.

Person specifications and application guidance

Applicants made their application on the Oriel application system. There were separate vacancies for ST3 and ST4 posts. For both routes, applicants needed to demonstrate paediatric Level 1 training equivalency, be registered with and licensed by the General Medical Council (GMC) by the intended start date of the post they were applying for and complete the form, Certificate of Level 1 Training Paediatrics 2020, which can be downloaded below.

For reference, you can download the 2020 person specifications and application guidance below.

If applying to both ST3 and ST4 in the 2020 round, you will be required to attend two interviews, one for each level, if you are successfully longlisted and invited to interview. (As explained above, there are no face-to-face interviews in this round.)

Post numbers

Post numbers are indicative, and are therefore subject to change until the point at which initial offers are made. Please see below the final posts numbers for the 2020 round.

Region ST3 posts ST4 posts
East Midlands 4 12
East of England 10 13
Kent, Surrey Sussex (KSS) 5 2
London 0 10
North East 0 4
North West  4 4
Northern Ireland 3 0
Scotland 0 0
South West 3 5
Thames Valley 2 3
Wales 0 5
Wessex 0 2
West Midlands 2 0
Yorkshire & Humber 4 3


For any queries about the process, please contact the Paediatric National Recruitment Office at PaedsNRO@hee.nhs.uk