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Invited Review Service - peer reviewers opportunities

The College’s Invited Reviews Service provides clinically-led peer review and consultancy services to healthcare providers, commissioners and service planners across the UK backed by a respected professional body. Improving the quality of care in child health services and patient safety rest at t...
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RCPCH Invited Reviews Service - how a review can help and our processes

The Invited Reviews Service delivers clinically led peer reviews to healthcare organisations when they need independent, objective expert advice and external assurance on the clinical services and quality of care they provide. Invited Reviews aim to provide a safe space for active listening, and...
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RCPCH Invited Reviews Service

Invited reviews provide healthcare organisations with an opportunity to adopt a proactive approach in seeking assurances on care provided, address areas of concern and identify scope for quality improvement from a team of independent, expert peer reviewers. They support, but do not replace the p...