Theory exam sample papers

All College theory exams are delivered by computer based testing. To help you become familiar with the computer based test and understand what to expect in the examinations, you may wish to review our four sample papers (specimen papers) available online.

Access the sample papers

To access the computer-based tests, you need a computer with an internet connection - then simply click on the below links. These may work best on a desktop computer. 

You will see some advice on how to take the computer-based test, and then get started.

After you finish

You will be given a score in relation to how many questions you answered correctly. You will also be able to see what questions you got right, got partially right and incorrect.

You can take the sample paper as many times as you wish, but the questions that feature will remain the same.


Copyright of questions used in RCPCH examinations belongs to the RCPCH. The MRCPCH and the DCH questions are prepared and revised through the hard work of many College members and staff. Our aim is to produce valid, appropriate and well-prepared questions so that our examinations are fair and effective. Our question bank and reputation is threatened by unauthorised copying of exam questions.

Some examination preparation organisations aim to exploit knowledge of our examination. We are aware that candidates have been asked to memorise questions and provide copies to these organisations. On occasion candidates have been offered payment for this. Infringement of copyright may result in debarment to take the exam, removal of the MRCPCH qualification or prosecution.

Please do not divulge examination questions to outside organisations.

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