National Neonatal Audit Programme

One in seven babies in the UK need specialist care when they are born. They may be born too early, with a low birth weight or have a medical condition. Since 2006, our clinical audit aims to improve care to these babies.
Baby in neonatal unit

Run with the British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM), this free, 90-minute webinar also covers successful QI initiatives, resources that can support your services improvements and what's coming up next for the audit.

Photo by Jade Brogden - 2021 NNAP photo competition 2021 for families

Annual report and parents & carers guide 2020

“This is a photo of my son, Benjamin (born at 33+4 weeks) being soothed by his older sister as he receives phototherapy in his incubator.” Rebecca Owen, Mother

Our annual report, published in November 2020, highlights the key findings and recommendations from our audit in 2019.

Your baby's care is our friendly, easy to read guide for parents and carers, based on our 2019 data. It includes information on the NNAP measures most relevant to parents and also has a glossary.

The NNAP assesses whether babies admitted to neonatal units in England, Scotland and Wales receive consistent high quality care, and identify areas for quality improvement.
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Our series of case studies illustrate how hospitals have used the audit to identify and implement quality improvement activities - and improve patient care.
NNAP Online is our interactive reporting tool. You can view and compare the audit's results for a specific neonatal unit or network for results since 2014.

For parents and carers - what does NNAP do?

We ask doctors and nurses to record data about your baby, such as temperature, screening for eye disorders and medicines, as well as consultation with you.

We describe areas that are good, and that could be better. This helps hospitals, neonatal networks, and those who plan healthcare, improve care for these babies.

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