Council acts as a forum for College members to engage with, to reflect their views of the key challenges and opportunities they are facing. Council empowers members to help secure the objectives of the College and of paediatricians and child health practitioners more widely.

Council is a committee established by the College’s Bye-Laws and was first convened in 1996 as part of the establishment of the RCPCH.


Council serves to provide the College with major insights on paediatrics and child health from members, with support from staff.

The composition of our Council consists of four distinct categories of members (Executive, Geographic, Grade and Specialty) for an inclusive and representative body. Council convenes quarterly.

Council has the following specific responsibilities:

  1. Consider reports from the Senior Officers, and the Officers and Representatives reporting to them, on the major areas of work overseen by them
  2. Seek the views of college members on current issues affecting paediatrics, child health and the College’s work
  3. On the basis of the feedback received from members, work to ensure that the College’s strategy and workplan maximises delivery of its charitable objects in support of child health
  4. Oversee specific activities relating to the College’s role in recognising good paediatric practice
  5. Any other matter in the field of Paediatrics and Child Health specifically remitted to Council by the Board of Trustees.

Council members

Post Name
Executive members
President Professor Steve Turner
Registrar Dr Jan Dudley
Treasurer Dr Alison Steele
Vice President for Education and Professional Education Dr Jonathan Darling
Vice President for Health Policy Dr Mike McKean
Vice President for Science and Research Professor Paul Dimitri
Vice President for Training and Assessment Dr Cathryn Chadwick
Geographic members
Officer for Scotland Dr Mairi Stark
Officer for Wales Dr Nick Wilkinson
Officer for Ireland Dr Raymond Nethercott
England Area Officer: London Dr Indrani Banerjee
England Area Officer: South To be confirmed
England Area Officer: West Professor Rajat Gupta
England Area Officer: East Dr Anshoo Dhelaria
England Area Officer: North Dr Louise Turnbull and Dr Yincent Tse
International Officer: Asia To be confirmed
International Officer: Africa, Middle East, Americas, Europe, Australasia To be confirmed
Grade members and Specialty members
Chair of the Trainees' Executive Committee Dr Emma Dyer
Chair of the Specialist, Associate Specialist and Specialty Doctors (SAS) Committee Dr Jamil Ahmad Khan and Dr Kumar Swamy
Senior Member and Fellow Representative Dr Andrew Long
Specialty Board Representative Dr Tony Hulse