Council is the representative body of the members and is established by the College’s Bye-Laws. Council's purpose is development of the College’s strategy and annual business plans (which are approved by the Board of Trustees), communication of the views of members so that these can be reflected in the College’s strategy and business plans and any other duties delegated to them by the Board of Trustees or the College Regulations.


Council is chaired by the RCPCH President and includes representation from the English Area Officers, the devolved Nations Officers, Vice Presidents, Registrar and Treasurer as well as demographic sections of RCPCH members, including trainees, SAS (Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty) doctors, and academics. Council meets for a whole day approximately 3 times a year.

Agenda items include:

  • Admission to RCPCH Membership and Fellowship
  • President's Report
  • CEO's Reports
  • English Regional Areas and Devolved Nations Reports
  • Vice President Reports
  • RCPCH &Us
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Climate Change

Council has the following specific functions:

  1. Considering reports from the vice presidents, and the officers reporting to them, on the four major areas of work currently overseen by them:
    • Training and assessment
    • Education (including International work)
    • Health policy
    • Science and research
  2. Seeking the views of college members (via national and area representatives and representatives of trainees, SAS doctors, academics, and senior members) on current issues affecting paediatrics, child health and the college’s work.
  3. On the basis of the feedback received from members, working to ensure that the college’s strategy and workplan maximises the college’s delivery of its charitable objects in support of child health.
  4. Communicating to members the outcome of its discussions and the ways in which the college can support them in their work.
  5. Particularly ensuring that the college takes a four-nations perspective in its work ensuring that the situations in all nations of the UK are reflected in its work.
  6. Undertaking the following specific activities relating to the college’s role in recognising good paediatric practice including the recipient(s) of the James Spence Medal, Honorary Fellowships, Members' Awards, Fellowship and Examiner roles

Council members

Post Name
President Dr Camilla Kingdon
Registrar Professor Steve Turner
Treasurer Dr Liz Marder
Vice President for Education and Professional Education Dr Jonathan Darling
Vice President for Health Policy Dr Mike McKean
Vice President for Science and Research Professor Paul Dimitri
Vice President for Training and Assessment Dr Cathryn Chadwick
Officer for Ireland Dr Raymond Nethercott
Officer for Scotland Dr Mairi Stark
Officer for Wales Dr Nick Wilkinson
England Area Officer: North London Dr Indrani Banerjee
England Area Officer: South London Dr Claire Lemer
England Area Officer: South England Dr Miles Wagstaff
England Area Officer: Midlands Professor Rajat Gupta
England Area Officer: East of England Dr Anshoo Dhelaria
England Area Officer: North West England Dr Louise Turnbull
England Area Officer: North East England Dr Yincent Tse
Chair of the Trainees' Executive Committee Dr Emma Dyer
SAS Chair, Joint Representatives Dr Jamil Ahmad Khan
Dr Kumar Swamy
Senior Member and Fellow Representative Dr Andrew Long
Academic Representative Professor Howard Clark

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