Council is the members representative body of the College. It prepares the RCPCH's strategy and annual business plans for approval by the Board of Trustees.

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Council is chaired by the President. It includes representation from the English regions, the devolved nations and demographic sections of RCPCH members, including trainees, SAS (Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty) doctors, academics and senior members.

You can download the minutes below.

Council members

Post Name
President Dr Camilla Kingdon
Registrar Professor Steve Turner
Treasurer Dr Liz Marder
Vice President for Education and Professional Education Dr Jonathan Darling
Vice President for Health Policy Dr Simon Clark
Vice President for Science and Research Professor Nick Bishop
Vice President for Training and Assessment Dr Cathryn Chadwick
Officer for Ireland Dr Raymond Nethercott
Officer for Scotland Dr Mairi Stark
Officer for Wales Dr David Tuthill
England Area Officer: North London Dr Indrani Banerjee
England Area Officer: South London Dr Claire Lemer
England Area Officer: South England Dr Miles Wagstaff
England Area Officer: Midlands Professor Rajat Gupta
England Area Officer: East of England Dr Anshoo Dhelaria
England Area Officer: North West England Dr Ranganath Ranganna
England Area Officer: North East England Dr Yincent Tse
Trainees' Representative Dr Laura Kelly
SAS Representative Dr Prakash Kalambettu
Senior Member and Fellow Representative Dr Kevin Windebank
Academic Representative Professor Paul Winyard

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