Workforce and service design

We play a key role in workforce planning to ensure there is an appropriately trained paediatric medical workforce to deliver safe and sustainable services for children in the UK - in the present and in the future.
The UK's child health workforce suffers from the same planning problems, underfunding and staffing issues as the rest of the health workforce. Our latest briefing highlights key findings from our 2017 census and other data, and provides recommendations.
Our biennial census highlights the structure of all paediatric services and acts as a measure against current standards and guidance. We collect data on the paediatric workforce and child health services in the UK, most recently in 2017.
In our 2017 report, Covering all bases, we focus on community child health, the largest paediatric sub-specialty, which supports vulnerable children and families, children with long term conditions and child public health.

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Our invited reviews service supports organisations and clinical teams to resolve concerns about paediatric service provision, safety, training, compliance with standards and proposals for paediatric reconfiguration or service design.

Our standards for paediatric care offer a vision of how paediatric care can be delivered to provide a safe and sustainable, high-quality service that meets the health needs of every child and young person.