Membership renewals 2023

As a member of RCPCH you belong to a community of over 22,000 child health professionals and we would like to thank you for your support. In January 2023, a new membership year began. Here you will find information about this year's subscription fees, membership benefits, subscription renewal and how to use your RCPCH online account.

Originally posted 23 November 2022

We recognise the present unusual inflationary pressures which have made the current economic condition challenging for everyone. This also had an impact on the operating costs for the College. Over the past few years membership subscription fees have increased modestly, a total increase of 2% between 2019 and 2022. Due to Archives of Disease of Childhood being offered online, most of you benefited from a fee reduction in 2022.

We strive to provide and develop services that are of value to you as members, and to support this in the current financial climate we will apply a 4% increase to your subscription fees from January 2023. This is below the rate of inflation.

2023 subscription fees

Membership type UK Rest of Europe/North America Rest of world- high/upper middle income countries Rest of world - low-lower middle income countries
Fellow £594 £422 £270 £214
Ordinary Member £491 £355 £226 £179
Ordinary Member (in training) £366 N/A N/A N/A
Junior Member £110 N/A N/A N/A
Senior Fellow /
Senior Member
£88 £88 £88 £88
Associate Member £282 £267 £70 £70
Affiliate Member £70 £70 £70 £70
  1. Archives of Disease in Childhood is included as a membership benefit for all members, with the option to subscribe to print copies for an additional £35 per year.
  2. Membership is free for Honorary Fellows, foundation doctors and medical students.
  3. Junior members, Ordinary members in training and Associate members who require access to RCPCH ePortfolio pay a training fee on top of their membership subscription.

If you have any further questions to the below, please contact us on

Renewing your membership

Your membership is due for renewal in January 2023. In December we wrote to you with information on the exact amount to pay.

To find out more about when to pay, how to pay, applying for concessions, refunds, discounts and tax relief, see Membership subscriptions and how to pay.

Financial support

Concessions may be available for some members, for example, due to maternity, shared parental or adoption leave, or working less than full time. You can find out if your circumstances apply and complete our concessions form.

If you apply for financial hardship and it is not related to low or no salary, unemployment or ill health, your request will be sent to the College’s Registrar and Treasurer for review - do provide as much information as possible about your circumstances in your request.

If you or a colleague is looking for support, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges lists organisations, services and websites that can offer help to doctors.

You may not know that you can pay your membership fees via monthly direct debit at no additional cost. This helps spread the cost over the year. Our subscriptions and how to pay page explains how to set up or update your direct debit with us. 

Your RCPCH online account

Your online account is your gateway to online services at the College. You can update your details, book exams, manage your membership and access other websites such as ePortfolio (for training and CPD), RCPCH Learning and Child Protection Portal.

You can find out how to use it on our help using your online account page.

Your membership benefits

From support at different stages of your career to access to clinical and educational resources, we offer a range of fantastic benefits to members.

Our impact as a College

In November, we published a brief report on the impact we've made through our policy work, education and training programmes and more.

Get involved

Our greatest resource is our members themselves and we are immensely grateful to all our members who so generously give their time to be actively engaged in the work we do. We can’t do this without you.

We have many opportunities for you to get involved - please visit our volunteering pages for more information.