Fellowships and prizes

We are pleased and honoured to offer the following awards. We present many at RCPCH Conference each year.
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Honorary Fellowship 2023

This is awarded by the RCPCH to a small number of individuals, paediatricians and non-paediatricians, who have demonstrated a major contribution to Paediatrics and Child Health through research, education or clinical service and leadership. Nominations are open once a year and Honorary Fellows are n...
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James Spence Medal 2023

This is the highest honour awarded by the RCPCH. It is awarded for outstanding contributions to the advancement of knowledge and understanding in paediatrics and child health. Nominations are now open and will close on 26 August 2022, 17:00.
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RCPCH Members’ Award 2023

This award honours members who have done exceptional work in support of child health, but who might not be eligible for Honorary Fellowship or other awards. Nominations for 2023 are now open until 26 August 2022, 17:00, and we are keen to receive a wide range of nominations.
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Foundation doctor annual prizes

Each year we give foundation doctors (FY1 and FY2) a chance to win one-day free access to RCPCH Conference - a fantastic opportunity to gain more knowledge about paediatrics and network with professionals from across the UK. Foundation doctors can apply through their foundation school or LETB/deaner...
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Medical student annual prizes

This annual prize is awarded to outstanding medical students, and includes full registration at our three-day Conference. This is a wonderful way for students to network with professionals within the specialty, demonstrate a commitment to their own career development and expand their portfolio. Each...